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John Wann is here to help you make the right choice in a home and get the lifestyle you want!

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Meet John

My name is John Wann. And I have never sold anyone a home. What I have done is introduce people to houses, a community and one of the most beautiful areas of the country that I think they will love. Frankly, there is a lot to love in this mountain area west of Denver. Yes, I am in sales. Of course. I have been in professional sales for more than 30 years and, more importantly, I have lived in the Evergreen area for more than 27 years. In short, I know the territory. 

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John simply shares with you some of the quirks of mountain properties and his knowledge of the area that many years of experience have given him. His job is to help you make the right choice in a home and to get the lifestyle you want!

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