Homebuying: How To Find What's Best For You And Your Pets

Homebuying: How To Find What's Best For You And Your Pets

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While looking to buy a home, you must consider the needs of everyone in the household, pets included. Otherwise, the space could fail to work for your family, leaving everyone less than comfortable in their new digs. Thankfully, with a little forethought as you browse, you can zero in on a place that will work perfectly. Just think about the following things to put your pet first while buying a home.

Earmark a Space That’s All Their Own

Your pets will need room for their bedding, dishes, and toys to be truly comfortable in their new living space. So, as you check out each corner of the floor plan, think ahead to where you might put those items.
If you cannot figure out an ideal space, then the home in question likely won’t work without a major overhaul. Often, it’s a lot more frustrating trying to make an incompatible space work than continuing with the search for a home that meets all your needs.

Think About Their Elimination Needs

Barring an exceptionally well-trained cat, pets usually cannot use the toilet. To best accommodate their elimination needs, think about where to set the litter box or if the yard will work for their potty times.
Consider all the other household members as well and how you will keep them separate if needed. You don’t want dogs digging in the cat box, after all, or kids running through a potentially messy backyard.

Look for a Room to Run and Play

Even if you plan to walk your pets regularly, they need a space to run and play from time to time. If a home with a yard is in your budget, then that will work well, as long as it’s fully fenced in.
But if that’s outside your price range, you can get just as much use out of a nearby dog park. If all else fails, look for homes near public parks, hiking trails, and beaches where you can let your pets frolic in a long line.

Scope Out the Safety of the Neighborhood

Although you undoubtedly keep a close eye on your pet, accidents can happen, leaving them roaming the neighborhood on occasion. For that reason, it’s important to consider major roadways and other hazards near your home. Not all hazards are avoidable but aim to minimize the risks if you can.
You can also put in extra safety measures, like invisible fences, that help keep your pet from flying solo. Also, consider getting them microchipped and updating their license with the city, so they can be returned home if they ever get lost.
By keeping all these things in mind during the home buying process, you can find a home that will work for you and your pets. Just remember to let your real estate agent know your preferences, so they understand what to look for as well. Your agent will help you narrow down the options and quickly jump on properties that match your specifications, helping you find a great home faster than ever.

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