Understanding The Basics Of Coastal Outdoor Decor

Understanding The Basics Of Coastal Outdoor Decor

If you want to bring the beach home, regardless of where you live, consider creating a coastal outdoor living space. By using the basic elements of coastal design style, you can transform your porch, patio, or backyard into the perfect coastal retreat for your household.
To help you incorporate coastal design into your outdoor living space, here is a basic style guide to help:

Important Design Elements

Many important aspects of coastal interior design can be applied to your outdoor living space as well. For example, the coastal style favors bright, open, and uncluttered spaces. Maximizing natural light is key, so when creating outdoor shade with curtains or screens, avoid dark colors and heavy materials.
Coastal decorating also includes plenty of distressed wood and vintage accessories. For a more formal coastal-style outdoor space, you can pair darker wood pieces with bright and airy accents.

Color Palette

The color palette is crucial to creating the perfect coastal outdoor space. The coastal design begins with a backdrop of bright white, warm khaki, beige and other shades reminiscent of the beach sand. Soft, cloudy grays are another excellent choice for a neutral base for your color scheme.
Accent colors include both nautical blues and vibrant tropical hues including coral and yellow. Layering multiple shades of deep blue, aqua, sea foam, and other blues is a perfect way to bring the ocean into your design. Feel free to add bold pops of color with outdoor area rugs, furnishings, and accessories.


While the coastal design style emphasizes bright, open spaces, accessorizing is key. Include plenty of driftwood, sea glass, rope, and seashells in your outdoor decor. Jute weaves, cane, and wicker furniture pair perfectly with nautical prints and tropical motifs.
Don’t be afraid to mix and match, too - nautical stripes contrast perfectly with softer, natural imagery depicting animals, plants, and ocean waves. Keep your outdoor furniture casual and comfortable with plenty of character.

Bringing the ocean home with a coastal-style porch, patio or backyard will let you enjoy lazy summer days any time of year. Remember these key elements of coastal decor when planning your next outdoor makeover.

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